Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pity Party or Oscar Party

I'm wishing that I had my family here last Sunday. It was the Oscars and they are the only other people I know that have seen Slumdog Millionaire. We could have all hooted and hollered for it and I would have handed out prizes for those that made the most correct predictions and I would have made a big dinner for everyone. We could all rip on Sean Penn's speech and question Ben Stiller's wierd presentation. The girls could clean up the saliva on my chin while I watched Hugh Jackman and we could pull out the mop to clean up the brother's saliva after watching Penelope Cruz (or am I mistaking her for Selma Hayak?) We could discuss Reese's interesting hairdo and Jessica Biel's dress choice. I would have slammed Dan and Sarah for seeing "Vicky Christina Barcelona" and everyone else would have ripped on me for seeing "Bolt". And then we could have an exciting debate over the definition of "creamy" vs. "greasy". ( I vote...Mickey Rourke - greasy and Hugh Jackman - I right?)
All I'm saying is that it made me really miss you guys. Maybe our next reunions could be centered around the Oscars? Just a thought.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

another Max story

Max cuddled up in bed with me early this morning and asked me, "Mom, who do you think built this house?" I said I wasn't to sure and so he asked me ,"Do you think it was George Washington?" I said that I don't think George Washington was alive during the building of our house, but I thought I would take advantage of a teaching opportunity and I asked him, "Do you know who George Washington was?" Max said, "Oh he was our first president." Slightly surprised by his quick answer, I decided to test just how far his knowledge went and I asked, "who is our president today?" Max answered, "Rock Obama!" Wow...I was a bit flabbergasted. I would like to tell everyone that I am the great mom who drills her four year old on U.S. history facts on a daily basis, but truth betold, I'm not and I was curious as to from where he retrieved his information. I was sure he would say he overheard me talking to Mary and Jaykob (because, as a matter of fact, I do talk to my older children about U.S. history facts), but when I asked him how he got so smart, he said, "TV!"

And there you have it folks.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

When I Grow Up...

I joined Max and his preschool class at the fire station last week and he assured me that being a firefighter would be his ultimate destination, but only after he put in his time as a policeman, Superman and Spiderman. When I asked him about a mission he said, "Oh, mom...I won't have time for that." Apparently, we don't see eye to eye on what it means to save the world.

Since we're on the subject of Max, my parents have begged me several times to write down some of Max's funnier moments. I hesitate to do this because it doesn't seem to have the same cuteness when you read it as when you saw him say it, but I will give it a go...

Story #1: One day coming home from preschool, Max tattled on a little boy named Hayden saying, "Hayden has a potty mouth! But don't worry mom, I only say good potty words like b-u-t-t." (Yes, he spelled it out. I'm pretty sure he didn't know what he was spelling, but since Jaykob says it that way, then it must be least that's what I think is going through Max's head.)

#2: When Max is tired he seems to have a "problem" with his legs. One night I told him to go upstairs and go to bed and he whined and complained saying "my legs don't work". After some bribing/threatening (take your pick), Max was finally convinced that he had no choice. He may have admitted defeat, but he was determined to prove the disfunction of his legs and in quadripalegic style, he pulled his body with only his arms all the way up the stairs.

#3: Max: "Hey mom, I think you need to have 10 more kids."
Mom: "Why is that?"

Max:"So we can buy a limo!"

#4: Max has a fascination with rope, string, yarn, etc. It's possibilities are endless. He assumes that everyone must share his enthusiasm as well. So when one day Jason rewarded Max with a big ball of rope, Max ran across the street to his friend Renee's house and with ball of rope behind the back, he knocked on her door and when Renee's mom answered, Max said "Can Renee play?" and with the infamous devilish grin, he pulled said rope from behind the back and whispered, "I got rope". To Max's dismay, I don't think Renee fully appreciated the diverse uses of such a treasure, but the rest of us got a kick out of his enthusiasm.
To end this post, I will let Max share a little something special...