Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Jason got a little creative with our normal breakfast fare this morning. A little LA Confidential maybe?

Beware of dead cheerleaders!!!

Hi, I'm Pizza.

"Since I've already got glasses, mom, I guess I'll be Harry Potter."

"I wub Tinkerbell", said Clara.
Hope everyone had a spooktacular holiday!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Move over Molly Ringwald...Clara Short has taken over the title "Pretty in Pink" from here on out!

Clara celebrated her 3rd birthday with 5 other little girls in the most "Pinkalicious" way. There were pink books to be read, pink cupcakes to be decorated and lots of pink balloons to be frolicked in (I guess that is what you call it when little girls run through a pool of balloons and think it's the best game ever).
Thanks Sarah for the pink came in handy today considering the dress code for this party!

Cousin Madeline came all the way from Idaho for Clara's birthday. Just kidding. We just managed to celebrate her birthday on the same weekend that my brother Adam and his family were on there way to moving to northern California. They stopped in Oregon on their way and we got a couple of days to play. Can you beleive Clara and Madeline only have a month and half difference in age?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family road trip

First stop: A trip down memory lane in Logan, Utah...

Jason and I in front of our very first apartment as newlyweds.

The beautiful Logan Temple
Showing the kids Old Main.

Next stop: Bear Lake for Heder Family Reunion

Highlights included playing in the hot tub and playing with Uncle Matt

Hiking through the Minnetonka Caves

and there were many hours playing on the beach...

And the ever so popular talent show (usually Grandma and Grandpa look proudly on as they relish in the talents of their offspring, but not this year...they stole the show with their musical number of "peanut butter and jelly" complete with costumes and choreography).

The road trip came to a conclusion when, after the reunion, we headed to Jackson Hole where we participated in a Bar J Ranch BBQ dinner and show, an outstanding performance of "Annie Get Your Gun" and a very rainy day in Yellowstone Park...