Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where's the party?

Thanksgiving has come and gone and we had a fabulous time. We made up our own turkey trot since the weather and the traveling forced us to forego our normal tradition at the zoo. Then we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Heder's for a delicious dinner. Uncle Robert and Aunt Paula and family joined us and it was so nice catching up with them. We conversed, played games and watched movies...LOVE days like that...and then Jason and I mulled over the idea of hitting the 5 am sales the next morning.
We do it every year and every year we say we will not ever do it again, but alas, there is always that stupid bargain that we just know we'll never find again, right? Actually, I think what draws me back every single time is the fact that I can leave my sleeping children in the watch of their grandparents, have my husband with me, and get the majority of my Christmas shopping done before 8 o'clock in the's too good to pass up. Do I have to endure a lot of stinky breathed Walmart shoppers in order to get it done? Yes, but it just might be worth it.
After hitting the sales on Friday and letting the kids help Grandpa build a train set, we headed to the Coast to visit Grandma and Grandpa Short. There we did more shopping, golfing, leftover eating, and even snuck in a visit to the Aquarium.
We came home Saturday night, all much more tired than when we left. I can most definetely say that for Clara...what is it with two year olds? They have no idea what is going on, but when there are a lot of people and food and good times taking place, they know, and they become so un-interested in naps or bedtime much to the chagrine of every person around them. Why do they do this? All of my kids did this and some of them still do...their lids are heavy , they are as cranky as heck, but heaven forbid they should sleep...they might miss something big, right? Don't they know that sleep is absolutely better than absolutley anything else, I mean really. And then it dawned on kids are avoiding sleep only because it is preventing them from feeling included...they don't want to be left out...they too, want to be involved in the party...and where do they get this from? I wake up at 5 am on Black Friday to go to the mob infested Walmart. How sick is that! Another example...New Moon. I went with a group of girlfriends on opening day to see "New Moon". "Why?" all you smart people are asking. Was it because I love vampires? No. Was it because I love werewolves? No. Is it because Jacob is hot? That's a maybe. Is it because Stephanie Meyer is a literary genius and I want to support her on every single level? Hell no. (Sorry dad...emphasis needed to be added.) Is it because every other woman in America was going and didn't want to be left out? YES! Apparently I need a shrink.
Paula and Katie
Max, the pilgrim

the kids table

turkey can't tell, but we are soaking...thank you Oregon rain!

dinner before "New Moon"

And here are the suckers.
BTW, for the record, I did not go to the midnight show...I do draw the line somewhere.