Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pretty much the best summer vacation we've ever had...

just in case you didn't catch that reference to ND in my title there...I wanted to offer a big shout out to my brother Jon and his wife Kirsten for letting my family of 6 crash at their pad all last week only 2 1/2 weeks after giving birth to their 2nd child. Not only did they offer us a place to stay, but they entertained us with guest passes to Magic Castle, tickets to "So You Think You Can Dance" and a pool that provided hours of entertainment. Thanks guys!
I also need to thank Doug for Dodger tickets, Sarah for fabric district, Meg for Legoland, Matt for his room and for gracing us with his presence, Diana for some mighty fine cooking, Jason for watching 7 kids so the girls could go out to breakfast, Staci for inventing "favorite things", Adam for being smart enough to attempt the CA Bar so that we had a good excuse to come to CA and to Dan for teaching my kids the fine art of Rockband and the finger jab? (Is that what I should call it?) and to everyone for a pretty darn memorable "worst kiss" conversation.
Seriously, anyone reading this probably thinks that I'm related to some pretty cool people...well, they're right!

Who needs pool toys when you have Jaykob?

Mary saved her money so she could have a fun shopping day at the American Girl Place...
Max is checking out the authenticity of the Lego family at Legoland.Four cuties in a row anticipating the excitment of Legoland... (L to R Clara, Josie, Tallulah, and Evan)Pretty darn cute family...Dan, Sarah, Josie and Tallulah and coming girl#3!Adam and Madeline on the helicopter ride...pacifier will not come matter what...Jon and Evan having too much fun on the airplane? ride...What a cutie!Olivia, Mary, Jaykob and Max all received their "driver's licenses" while attending Legoland "driving school"....they were pretty proud.A fun day at, that is not a baby in my belly. I just happen to be wearing an empire waist I see that was a bad choice.In our excitement to get our fill of In -n- Out burgers while in sunny CA, we may have overdone it. After our third visit, we were okay if we never saw a hamburger again.Jaykob pushing Madeline at Wild Rivers in Irvine... Thank goodness for brothers with connections! Jason and I got to take Mary and Jaykob to the finale of SYTYCD at the Kodak cool is that? Well, let me tell was SUPER cool! Watching Jeannine and Brandon burn up the dance floor in person in the famous theater frequented by the most famous of movie stars...we were lovin' it! The only down side is that we actually had to sit and listen to all of Mary and Nigel's comments instead of having the luxury of fast forwarding thru them (thanks to the modern convenience of DVRs).
a fabulous breakfast with my awesome sister-in laws...I'm so lucky. Staci, me , Sarah and Diana (Kirsten is missing in the picture).
Jaykob, Adam and Doug at the Dodgers was Mormon night! Elder Ballard even threw in the first pitch! Staci, Doug, Conrad and Eric chatting with some friends they saw at the game.

Diana, Madeline and Adam in front of the outfield. Enjoying Zuma beach in Malibu...Welcome to the world Phillip Henry Heder!

Thanks again family for a great vacation! I wish it was still going on! We miss you all!