Monday, March 8, 2010


So when I was in fifth grade, my friends and I formed a club titled "The Awesome Purple Preps". In order to be in this club, every Friday one must wear their purple Izod sweater, their shrink to fit 501 Levi jeans and their penny loafers (with pennies inserted). What else we did as club members, I'm not sure (although I do think a choreographed Elton John dance was part of the initiation as well as an undying devotion to unicorns and rainbows), I just remember the outfits. Years later, I looked back at pictures and was horrified of the permed hair and the clothes and vowed I would never wear purple again. Did I really think I was awesome? What a silly fifth grader I was. Didn't I know that purple should only be worn by old ladies who think that tea time still exists and that bonnets should still be worn at Easter?

Well that will teach me to never make vows of the unicorn kind or in this case, the never wearing purple again kind. My mom bought me these great shoes for my birthday.

Of course I loved them, but I had to think, "weird...I don't usually go for purple...I wonder why I like these shoes"...apparently, I don't know myself so well. I looked through my closet and found not one, not two, but seven purple tops...I also noticed one purple dress...

So here's the deal...either
A. I'm old
B. the eighties are making a comeback
C. I'm trying to relive my youth or
D. maybe purple wasn't so bad to begin with

I realize there is some reality to all of those options which means I can end this post by saying...Purple is Awesome!!! (I am not inserting the "prep" part into that because I vow that I will never try to pull off that look that John Hughes...RIP...made so famous in the eighties again. No turned up shirt collars for me. No siree! Oops...famous last words, huh?)