Monday, January 25, 2010

My Creative Itch

It's winter which means I'm inside more which gives me that desire to make something...anything that might require scissors or a glue gun. It is time for the inner Martha Stewart that hibernates within me during the summer to be released.

Yeah right...I wish...I'm such a Martha Stewart wannabe (without the prison sentence part)...and if her "LIVING" magazine wasn't enough to make me feel like a completely inadequate "crafter", there are now a whole network of crafting bloggers out there that on a daily basis post their latest amazing creations. I could stop browsing through them and remain in my little world where I actually believe that I am the craftiest person on my block, but no...apparently I enjoy humiliation and pain.

But you know what, I just looked at the clock and realized that it is now officially my birthday and so for my birthday, I'm just going to play a little game of pretend. For one day, I want to pretend that my blog is one of those over the top really cute craft blogs and I'm going to post lots of really close up pictures of my "creations" (all of which have been copied from a magazine or blog, but never mind that) and my wish is for all my faithful followers to post a comment that says something like this,"Rachel, I wish I could be like you. No seriously, could you send me the tutorial for that craft because I want to make it so I can be just like you. Oh and P.S. you are so don't look a day past 18!" (Remember it's my birthday).
Thanksgiving place cardsRosettes that Sister in law, Diana, introduced to meChildren's thanksgiving tableNo, I did not make the ribbon, but it seems like "craft bloggers" all have close up pictures of their supplies which serves to remind you of how crafty we are.
Ornaments made for nieghbors/friends
more place cards

gift tags
Now that I've done that, all that time spent perusing hundreds of craft blogs has not been in vain, right? Never fear...there's more where that came from...Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I've got all kinds of ideas up my sleeve that I know you are just dying to see.
Yesterday, Jason reminded me in an oh so gentle way, that I have a knack for critical sarcasm. Could this be what he's talking about?

Christmas 2009 in Review

Our White Christmas came a few days late this year. Fine with got their day of fun in the snow and they didn't have to miss a second of school to do so...Yippee!!!
Mary made Jaykob this Blazer blanket.

Aunt Jeannie supplied my children with plenty of Webkinz this is one of the many.

Clara is now well stocked with baby dolls and baby doll supplies.

New bike and sewing machine for Mary!

Sporting some new Christmas pajamas.

An airiel view of my living room on Christmas Eve. Believe me when I say that I had planned to have a spiritual tribute to our Savior and his birth on this night, but what you see here quickly turned into a large dog pile followed by a game of "who can throw the baby the highest". Why do I try so hard when I am fully aware of my family and their short limit of reverence?
On the 23rd, we headed up to the mountains for a day of tubing. We love this picture of Madeline in her girly snow outfit which includes an oh so cool batman hat.

Dan and Clementine


Max's snow suit is ready to be handed down.


Grandpa had a bit of fun setting up a train and snow village around the christmas tree this year. The kids loved it.

I didn't get the best picture, but there is mountain/tunnel that Grandpa, with the help of Mary, spent a whole weekend constructing. Matthew alos helped with the final touches.

Our tree this year. A little skinnier, but just as tall as last year, which is a good thing, since we weren't able to play the piano last year.
Taking the MAX train to downtown Portland to meet Grandma and Grandpa Short.
Trying to get a picture of the Short cousins on Santa's lap. As you can see, Cedruic and Julia were not interested.
Jaykob and Max were invited to join the mall carolers. I have to say that their version of "Rudolph" was not too shabby.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Party with a purpose

Who doesn't like an excuse to party, right? And if you can do it while helping out friends in need, even better! That was Mary's plan at least.

Mary planned a "heartwarming" party early December to help out her furry friends. She invited 10 of her not so furry friends over one morning for a yummy breakfast of cinnamon rolls, fruit, bacon and hot chocolate. They were all asked to bring 2 yards of fleece and a bag of dog or cat food. After breakfast the girls proceeded to make over 85 mini blankets for her homeless friends down at the animal shelter. We made a trip over to the shelter after we were done with the blankets to present them and the collected food. While there, they presented Mary with a certificate and gave the girls a tour of the facilities where they got to feed and play with some of the animals. It was a perfect way to start the season of giving! Mary is already planning next year's buttons are bursting!!!