Monday, September 14, 2009


So Jaykob saved his money all summer and with his birthday money from grandparents he bought Rockband for the WII. We've all been having a little too much fun on it and as my kids go about their daily business I'm constantly catching them singing "Eye of the Tiger" word for word. It's kind of cute and endearing and all that UNTIL it made me realize what a crappy parent I was. On our way home from church two Sundays ago, I urged my kids to sing "How Firm a Foundation" as they would be singing it in front of the whole congregation in just a few more weeks for the Church Primary Program. They knew maybe half of the first verse. I decided that maybe we should put the WII aside until we knew our Primary songs a little better, but as you can see I caved...just look how cute this is...

SO, here is my idea all you LDS marketing geniuses out there...a Primary song version for Rockband! I don't mean to go all Pentecostal on you or anything, but brilliant, right? I mean it certainly would make my job, and not to mention the Primary President's job, a bit easier.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hood to Coast

Q: What do you get when you put a lot of stinky, sweaty, hungry, muscle-aching, sleep deprived people in a van for 29 hours?
A: A whole heck of a lot of crazy fun...that's what!
And I'm not kidding. This is the 2nd time that Jason and I have organized a team for the Hood to Coast and it just keeps getting more and more fun. Why you ask? I'm not quite sure except that it's just one of those unique kind of adventures when shared with a fun group of people, that puts you in this crazy endorphin induced buzz (Jen, thanks for that one) that you just can't seem to shake. For those reading this and don't know what Hood to Coast is, it is the largest relay in the world that starts at Mt. Hood and ends up in Seaside, Oregon. We have a team of 12 runners and each runner runs 3 legs of the race for a total of 197 miles. Between our legs, the runners try to eat and rest while living in "a van down by the river"...the Willamette that is.
Thanks Meg, James, Amber, Scott, Stefan, Paisley, Chi, Michelle, Dan, Jen, Derrick, Paul and Jenny for a great weekend!
Check me out starting the race...